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Slade had spent the night lightly dozing and on guard incase Joey decided to wake up. Luckily, the infant had slept throughout the night and Slade was able to sleep a bit more himself. If Raven told him to leave in the morning, he would do so if she seemed sincere. He knew she had to think about her and their son.

When she screamed his named, Slade got up slowly and pulled the pistol he had in his boot before he went to her room, gently pushing the door open. “Raven?” He called as he looked around then saw her form on the. Setting the gun on her dresser, he moved over to her. “You alright?”

Raven immediately flinched and lets out a gasp when she saw Slade standing in her door way, instinctively, as he got nearer to her she slapped him across the face before immediately pulling her hand back at her own action. The empath was about to apologize to him until the “I’m sorry” slowly died down in her throat. 'Wait… so last night wasn't a dream?'

"I’m… surprise you are still here," she uttered tiredly, running her hand through her messy locks. "How’s Joey? Is my son doing okay?" She asked him, getting off from the bed and quickly headed towards the nursery room to check.



"—don’t know, just kinda popped into my head—you know, when you get a few notes stuck into your head and they just rearrange themselves in a specific order?

"I guess I know what you mean by that…from experience…I do that sometime even though the results of the notes sounds terrible.”


dc fans are a mix between red lanterns and blue lanterns - burning with blistering rage yet still filled with the hope that dc can’t fuck up any more than they already have


*goes around humming the Superman theme*


"Catchy tune, what is it?"


When you had no idea that your RP partner replied



"G’night…" He mumble softly with a smile, settling in and pull covers up over the both of them before pressing a kiss to Raven’s temple before drifting to sleep.

For once and one of the rarest times, Raven woke up from a peaceful slumber without having a single nightmare in her dream last night. She slowly sat up from her bed and rubbed her eyes before staring down at her partner who continued to sleep peacefully. 

Feeling generous today, Raven got off from the made and left the room, heading towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. 


The human perfection that is Eva Green.


The human perfection that is Eva Green.



You’re much stronger than you think you are

I’m never gonna pass off the chance to reblog this because hell, sometimes knowing that some one fictional will be there in times like there really does help.

This makes me love Superman even more.

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victimnolonger asked: "Why yes, I am as think as you drunk I am."

"Okay, okay," Raven said, with a small laugh as she helped Kate to composure herself and making sure that she doesn’t embarrass herself in front of everyone. "I think that’s enough of drinking for the night, it’s time for us to go home." She added, taking her drink away and set it to the side.

isabellashepard asked: "I think I broke it." Isabella said as she looked at Raven.

"It’s all right, it can be fixed," Raven said, scratching the back of her head for a moment. "Besides… I don’t really use it anymore."

princesswondy asked: "You owe me."

"Right…I do owe you, I remember that," Raven said, patting around her pockets with a small panic expression before giving Diana a small, nervous smile. "Um… it’ll come by next Friday? It seems that… there has been a delay." 



"You clearly have no idea who I am then. Allow me to introduce myself~ Empress Attea at your service. Galactic conqueror, genocidal tyrant, and ruler of the almighty Incursean empire." She flashed Raven a sweet smile.

"Oh and I should mention that this will probably kill you. I hope you enjoy your face melting off."


'How did getting gum stuck in my hair drag me into this mess?' Raven thought to herself, seeing a purple ray coming into her way until the empath quickly teleported out from the blast and appeared behind Attea.

"I really don’t want to fight, there is no reason to fight. Can we just please settle this down in a civil manner?"